How do we Hear?

Sound waves are collected by the outer ear and directed along the ear canal to the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The sound waves reach the ear drum and their impact vibrates this membrane.


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Hearing Aids and Accessories

20% of all people who need hearing aids actually get them.


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Wellness Events

We offer wellness day programs for company wellness events.

Convenient Home-Based Services

We recognise that many patients are unable to drive and get to an audiology office. We thus offer home visit services that do not compromise on diagnostic quality

New-born Hearing Screening

It is recommended that all new-born babies have their hearing tested within the first few weeks of their lives. It can be done in hospital, or at home.

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Your audiologist will want to find out about your typical communication activities and the demand on your hearing: at home with family, at work, in your social activities, and in your leisure time activities. You are a very important partner in this discussion. Your answers will aid in deciding the type and style of hearing aid that is best for you. Your answers will also help in deciding what hearing aid features you need.

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What an awesome team! The audiologists at Prime Hearing are remarkable! Nothing is too much for them!

David Smith
Your knowledge and experience in the field has made such a difference to our experience - thank you!
Martin Shepard
My hearing aids even connect to my iphone – who would have thought! Thank you!

Lisa Harrison