Corporate Audiology

Close to 8 million people between the ages of 18 and 44 have hearing loss.
With the increasing lifestyle changes, and pollution, hearing loss is appearing in the younger generation, as is becoming prevalent in employees from the late 30s. These hearing losses, although may be mild, can impact people greatly, with extremely stressful jobs and high listening demands. Hearing services are becoming necessary in these environments and in the wellness setting.

Hearing loss is an invisible disability and can be easily disguised. Identification of hearing loss can be delayed because its gradual onset, over many years, can create a lack of awareness of the presence of a hearing loss. Unidentified hearing loss is becoming more prominent around the world. The research literature clearly demonstrates that hearing loss negatively impacts on physical, emotional, mental and social well-being. Problems may include: misinterpretation of instructions at work, difficulty communicating, significantly decreased concentration in poor performance, depression and so on.

Prime Hearing is an audiology practice which can provide this imperative service and assist in further rehabilitation if necessary. We have become specialised in the corporate field and are in tune with the requirements and difficulties of these business demands. We can provide hearing screening as well as full diagnostic onsite testing and further hearing aid fittings. However, the identification of a hearing loss is the first step in rehabilitating an individual which may be imperative to his/her functioning especially in the working environment.